6 Essential Mindsets for Becoming a Winner

Guest post written by Michael Akinlabi from PluckMyFeet.com

What separates successful people from unsuccessful people?

Is it their networking skills? Is it because they have an increased appetite for risk? Is it because they have a particular set of habits? Or, is it because they are smart?

Although some of the above may play a big role in helping successful people achieve their dreams, they are still not what separate them others.

Successful people have the right mindset. That’s why they are winners.

So what are those mindsets that can help you become a winner in whatever you do and wherever you find yourself?

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How To Short-Circuit Stress

stressI generally avoid the term “hacks” when referring to tips on improving yourself, and this topic is no different.  This is, however, probably the closest I will ever get to a hack on this website (I feel dirty just saying that).

Life today is a non-stop slew of obligations, responsibilities, and tasks.  Without proper planning and task management, it is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed.  The purpose of this post (or this website) is not to go into organizing your life.  Rather, this is one simple trick I have inadvertently discovered to keep my stress levels under control in even the most trying of circumstances. Continue reading

Being Centered

We live in a world that espouses the virtues of multi-tasking.  Being able to do multiple tasks at once is considered a great thing.  But is it really?  Is never centering yourself really a good thing?  The answer, in short, is no.

The ability to focus on a task to completion is the true hallmark of a great person.  Multi-tasking is a vice of the modern world where ADHD reigns supreme and the largest amount of reading most people do is on their Facebook page.  But what is focus and centering yourself?  What makes it so powerful? Continue reading

AAU Taekwondo Qualifier Recap: Lebanon, TN (3/28/15)

qualifier cover photo1Another local qualifier tournament has come and gone.  The number of competitors was significantly smaller compared to previous years and the intensity of competition seemed to follow suit.  It wasn’t sluggish, but it didn’t produce quite the same buzz of excitement that qualifiers usually have.  Oh well, tournaments are like roller-coasters and this was a slower year.  Having said that, I still saw a lot of things that left me excited and ready to get back to the drawing boards regarding how I personally train and how I instruct my students.  Let’s dig into what I observed and things you can look out for at tournaments you attend.

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