How to Deconstruct Your Techniques

flowWhat separates the advanced practitioner from the novice student is superior technique.

What separates the timeless masters from the same advanced practitioner is effortless flow.

What is flow and how it ties into your technique is the topic for today.  By the end of this article you will understand not only why you need to reevaluate your training to center around flow, but how to do so and when to make said transition.

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Rousey vs. Correia: Lessons Learned

WTF faceFor many of you who regularly watch MMA, Rousey’s victory comes as no surprise.  The fact that she won the match in the first 34 seconds seems pretty run-of-the-mill as well.  For the discerning eye, however, there is much to learn.  Today we’re dissecting the 34 seconds of the fight to see what lessons can be learned to improve your next fight.

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