Situational Awareness: A Personal Story

parking lot

It was just another day at the office.  I was leaving work at my normal time 4:45PM from my desk job at a large auto manufacturing plant.  It was late fall and the sun was already starting to get low in the sky, stretching out the shadows of the cars, light poles, and what few trees were around.  The parking lot I was in was massive and I had a good quarter mile walk to my car.  I was enjoying the cool breeze brush past my face when I picked up on footsteps behind me.

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The Most Important Rule for Self-Defense


This post was inspired by Mike’s post at D&P.  To read his article click the link here.

What if I told you there was one technique that was infinitely more important than any other technique for self-defense?  In fact, it’s SO important that if you don’t learn this technique, then every other technique you ever learn is essentially worthless.

Can you guess what’s the super secret?

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The Laser-Pointer Drill

Wow!  Last week was fantastic!  Views for my website have soared and the feedback, discussions, and questions from you all have been great.  To everyone that visits my site, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my work.  You keep reading and I’ll keep posting.

Today we’re covering a drill called the laser-pointer (or flashlight) drill.  This is a very simple little drill to use when squared off against an opponent with a weapon.  Please note that it is assumed you also have a weapon.

This is a very effective self-preservation drill.  For those of you that have not read the difference between self-perfection vs self-preservation drills, I highly suggest you read that article before continuing on with this one.

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Should You Punch in a Fight?


Instead of easing into the realm of self-defense, we’re going to jump right in with the hotly-debated subject…

Should you punch in a fight?

Proponents to punching say it is one of the most natural fighting instincts we have and it’s incredibly effective at dealing damage to an assailant.

Opponents claim the risk of injury is too high and it could leave you trying to finish a fight with a bum hand.

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