Approved Resources

  1. Becoming the Bull by John Doe Bodybuilding – This eBook is packed full of knowledge for the aspiring bodybuilder.  Not into bodybuilding?  That’s ok because you can still use this eBook to pack on serious muscle for whatever sport you compete in.
  2. 30 Days of Discipline by Victor Pride – Lacking willpower in your daily life?  Then this is the eBook for you.  The great thing is you don’t even need to wait 30 days to experience the difference.  I felt like an animal after day 1!
  1. Sumofit by Helga O’Donovan – Got tight hips or flexibility problems?  Look no further than Sumofit.  I went from struggling to reach parallel on my squats to going nearly full ATG in less than 2 months following Helga’s free tutorial video. Definitely worth a look!
  2. Boss MMA – This is a website that analyzes the fighter’s mindset for upcoming fights.  From there they make predictions on who is going to win.  It goes to show just how important it is to not only train your body, but to also train your mind.
  3. Al Kavadlo – The master of calisthenics.  If you’re looking for a challenge, look no further.  He has a ton of bodyweight exercises you can perform.  You just probably won’t have a big smile on your face while doing them like he does…
  4. Evernote – Before I got an account with Evernote, I had papers with random notes, scribbles, and ideas littering my desk.  Now the papers are gone, and I have all my notes clean and organized wherever I go.  Great for creating to-do lists, keeping files/projects at the ready, or jotting down ideas no matter where you are!  All you need is the free version.
  1. Kwonkicker – This dude specializes in Taekwondo and Kickboxing.  If you need help with your kicks, he’s the right man for the job.
  2. FightTips – Shane is a wiz in MMA with a ton of content.