The Martial Artist’s Competitive Edge (MACE) is the site for winners.  No matter what martial art you compete in, this site has the tools and information you need to perform your best every day.  We cut through the nonsense to give you the most effective and efficient training methods out there.  On this site you will find:

  • Information for developing year long training schedules
  • Tips for optimizing your nutrition
  • Guidelines for success
  • What exercises give you the biggest bang for your buck and which to skip
  • Self defense principles

Don’t take martial arts?  Not the competitive type?  There’s still stuff here for you.  While most of the content has a competitive slant, the information provided can still be used to enjoy optimal health and fitness.


I have been studying martial arts since October 1999 and teaching Taekwondo since 2007.  Being the competitive spirit that I am, I quickly became engrossed in the world of competitive Taekwondo, participating in countless local, regional, and national tournaments.  I always dreamed of competing in the Olympics.  Unfortunately, that didn’t pan out.  Rather than getting discouraged, I have devoted my time to tracking down the best training strategies in order to help other potential champions reach their fullest potential.  I’ve always had a love of how the body works since high school….now it has a focus.  Every day I am reading articles and books regarding fitness, nutrition, and training.  My goal is to bring you the latest and greatest findings to give you the competitive edge.