6 Essential Mindsets for Becoming a Winner

Guest post written by Michael Akinlabi from PluckMyFeet.com

What separates successful people from unsuccessful people?

Is it their networking skills? Is it because they have an increased appetite for risk? Is it because they have a particular set of habits? Or, is it because they are smart?

Although some of the above may play a big role in helping successful people achieve their dreams, they are still not what separate them others.

Successful people have the right mindset. That’s why they are winners.

So what are those mindsets that can help you become a winner in whatever you do and wherever you find yourself?

There are 6 essential mindsets you have to develop starting today.

1. The “How Can I” Mindset

This is the opposite of “I guess I can’t” mindset.

The “how can I” mindset is an important mindset you must have if you truly want to become a winner.

Let’s say your competitor is powerful, stronger and larger, does that mean you should quit? No!

You have an edge too. You need to find that edge. Maybe you’re flexible, lighter, better technique, more experienced or better conditioned. You could use those edges over your competitor.

The “how can I” mindset always looks for ways to play the game. But the “I guess I can’t” mindset will give up at the first hurdle. You have to develop the “how can I” mindset if you really want to go far in your career and business life.

2. The “Learn from My Mistakes” Mindset

The most important lessons we pick up in life are those we learn from the bad decisions we make.

I’m sure you’ve made some bad decisions in your life. It’s time to go back to them and pick up some important lessons from them.

When you learn from your mistakes, you’re unlikely to repeat those same mistakes.

Mistakes aren’t a bad thing. They help you learn and grow.

“Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

The opposite of this mindset is the “my mistakes define my future” mindset. This is a bad mindset to have.

You have to keep in mind that you can’t do anything about your past mistakes – you can’t change them. The only thing you can do is learn from them. That’s how you will avoid repeating those mistakes in the future.

3. The “Learn from Those Gone Before You” Mindset

This is a better mindset than the “learn from my mistakes” mindset.

When you learn from the mistakes of those gone before you, you avoid repeating their mistakes. This may help you protect your reputation in some cases.

For example, New York Congressman Chris Lee resigned after his topless picture he sent to a woman he met on Craigslist became public.

After that came the story of Anthony Weiner. The New York congressman destroyed his promising political career when he sent a sex text to a college student in 2011.

Now, I’m sure you’re more likely to stay away from meeting girls online if you plan to run for any political office.

If you’re in business, you can learn from your competitors’ mistakes. Any mistake is worth learning from.

4. The “How Much Value Will This Bring to Me?” Mindset

Winners think in terms of value. They forget about the cost.

For example, two guys want a new laptop. The first guy is a freelance writer while the second guy is a hardcore gamer.

Both guys bought their laptops at a price of $1,000 each at the beginning of the month.

At the end of the month, the freelance writer made over $5,000 doing freelance work on his new laptop while the hardcore gamer wasted 50 precious hours playing games on his new laptop.

Who got the most value?

The freelance writer. Isn’t it?

5. The “There’s Always Something to Learn” Mindset

You can’t know everything. That’s why you need people to teach you more of what you don’t know. That’s why you need to read more books to expand your knowledge.

Bill Gates is the richest man in the world right now. The authors of The Trusted Advisors recount him saying:

“It’s important to have someone who you totally trust, who is totally committed, who shares your vision, and yet who has a little bit different set of skills and who also acts as something of a check on you. Some of the ideas you run by him, you know he’s going to say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, have you thought about this and that?’ The benefit of sparking off somebody who’s got that kind of brilliance is that it not only makes business more fun, but it really leads to a lot of success.”

This shows that even the richest man in the world don’t know everything. It shows that he heavily depend on people who have the necessary knowledge and decision making skills he lacks.

There’s always something to learn. Even those below you can teach you things that will help you achieve more success in life.

6. The “Let’s Test This Idea” Mindset

The opposite of this mindset is the “I have the perfect idea” mindset.

You can never have the perfect idea. All the inventions we see around today aren’t like how they were first made.

The first airplane won’t protect you from storms and rain. It looks totally different from the airplane we fly in today.

The first computer isn’t what you can carry around wherever you go. It’s so big that it can take a whole house.

Good ideas are the result of constant iteration. That’s why there’s nothing bad with testing new ideas and seeing how they work.

Winners are always coming up with new ideas to test. They never settle on a perfect idea because they know there’s none.

Do you want to become a winner?

These six mindsets can make you a winner and help enjoy more success in life. Start developing these mindsets today and only the sky will be your limit.

Michael Akinlabi is a blogger and writer at PluckMyFeet.com, a blog that is focused on teaching people how to make money online through blogging.


2 thoughts on “6 Essential Mindsets for Becoming a Winner

    • Good points, Oliver. I make it a point to take at least one step, no matter how small, in the direction that leads to me being successful every day. Like you said, every step I take makes the next step that much easier.

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