It’s Crunch Time!

crunch time cover photo

Well ladies and gents, if you are planning on competing in any of the AAU Taekwondo regional qualifiers, you are probably well aware that you are just about out of time!  To help you prepare for the qualifier season, I have created a checklist for you to review.  Read through it, print it out, and get ready!

  • Know the rules for your division.  It’s a good idea to print this out and keep a copy with you.
  • Put together your competition bag:
    • A spare uniform.
    • A couple of water bottles and some light snacks.
    • Sparring gear, including your mouthpiece and cup (these are the most often forgotten items)
    • A basic first aid kit including band-aids, athletic tape, Tylenol/Aspirin, instant ice packs, and fingernail/toenail clippers.  Include other items as you see fit.  It doesn’t need to be a comprehensive kit, however.
    • A pair of focus mitts or flapper targets.
  • Have someone you trust qualified to coach you.

There are a few other odds and ends you might need to be aware of that I’m missing, but this list will make sure you aren’t scrambling around the day of competition.

If you plan on competing, keep an eye out for me and come say hello!  I will definitely be at the Southeastern District Qualifier (March 28) and might also go to the Georgia District Qualifier (March 7).

Keep on kickin’!


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