MACE 2014 – State of the Union Address


“Losers live in the past. Winners learn from the past and enjoy working in the present toward the future.” – Denis Waitley

I’m going to keep this post pretty short and sweet.  2014 was a period of change and adjustment.  Now that things seem to be settling down I am beginning to focus on my 2015 goals for both my personal life and for MACE.

Personal Life

2015 is going to be all about personal growth and self-improvement.  Some keys areas I want to do are:

  • Grow in my belief – This includes reading the Bible, praying, and reflecting daily.
  • Improve my family’s financial stability – We already have a game plan for getting out of debt…now it’s time to follow through.
  • Grow in breadth and depth – I’ve been taking Taekwondo for over 15 years.  I feel it is time to dedicate more time to other martial art styles in order to be a more well-rounded martial artist.  I am especially interested in BJJ and Kali Sticks.
  • Improved fitness – I have recently started a weightlifting program.  It is admittedly a bodybuilding program, but I am definitely noticing an improvement in my body composition.  After this 12 week program is over, I am going to start experimenting with my own program by focusing more on just the compound lifts and plyometrics.
  • Improved health – This goes in line with my last point.  I am beginning to (slowly) dial in my nutrition by focusing on a few easy and healthy recipes to use every week.
MACE Goals
  • Content – Keep producing quality content.  In keeping with my goal of increasing the breadth and depth, I would like to start getting some guest posts on my site from experts in other fields in order to get different perspectives.
  • Website Design – I am working on improving the look of my site and posts.  If you look at my last post, you might notice it looks a little cleaner.  Shamelessly, I took some of the formatting styles from a site I follow.
  • Views – At the time of this post I have 5830 views on this page.  By this time next year I want to be at 20k views.  This is a substantial jump, but I have a few ideas.  For any of you readers out there with websites of your own, I would love to hear how you get your views to increase.
  • Income – Got a few eBook ideas I’d like to work on.

And that’s it!  Nothing big, nothing fancy.  Hope you guys have big plans for 2015!  Don’t party too hard tonight.


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