De-Fanging the Snake

de-fang the snake coverShow of hands… who’d pick up a pissed off king cobra?  Any takers?

Only if you have a death wish.

Snakes use their deadly poison to hunt for prey and to defend themselves from threats.  Just one bite can leave you writhing in agony or dead.

What happens to a poisonous snake when you take away its method of delivering poison?

He’s looks something like this…

defanged snake

Or this…

abominable no teeth

Not so threatening anymore are they?

The same caution must be exercised when dealing with an armed attacker.  Their hand is the fang and their knife/bat/gun is the poison with which they inflict pain and death.

Before you can deal with the snake, you must deal with their means of injecting poison.

If you read my last article, The Laser-Pointer Drill, you have already been introduced to this concept.  Read the article again and notice where your weapon is intercepting the enemy’s weapon.

It’s always intercepting their weapon by striking the hand.

A strike to the hand with a knife or stick isn’t just painful.  There are many tendons and small bones throughout the hand and damaging any of these impairs its function.  If they can’t hold their weapon, they can’t use it.  If they can’t use their weapon, you have neutralized the greatest immediate threat to your safety.

Lunging in to dispatch your opponent before you have taken away their “fangs” will result in you getting killed.  Removal of their weapon should be your first objective in a self-defense situation.  Only after you’ve taken away their weapon should you move in to dispatch the attacker.

Your homework: Continue practicing the flashlight drill with a partner.  As you perform this drill, pay special attention to where your weapon intercept your opponent’s attacks.  Aim for the wrists and the hands.


2 thoughts on “De-Fanging the Snake

  1. You’re doing a great job mate, keep up the good work and you’ll certainly go far.

    Remember ~ “Success consists of going form failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm.”

    Take the hits, keep going, and eventually you’ll get where you wanna get. No doubt about it.

    Miki – fellow brother wolf from B&D.

    • Hey Miki, thanks for the support! Don’t know how your comment got past me as I like to respond to everyone that visits. Sorry about that!

      A thousand lessons are learned from a failure for those who are astute enough to learn from them.

      For most of my competitive life, I learned mainly how to roll with the punches! Don’t know if that speaks to my level of astuteness or not. Haha

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