No More Weaknesses

strengthEveryone’s heard the cliche “turn your weakness into a strength.”

Don’t you just want to slap someone when they tell you that?  Like it’s that simple.  It’s not like we can just take a negative trait and put some kind of spin on it to all of a sudden make it great….can we?

The answer is a resounding yes! …and no….don’t slap me.

While the human body is a magnificent and resilient creation, we do have limitations.  Fortunately, most of those limitations are all in your head.  If you have the boldness to dream it, then chances are there’s a way to realize it.

Tell me….what was your excuse again?

This guy in the video is phenomenal!  Most people would write him off as unable to perform much, if any, physical activity but watch the staged sparring match at 1:40.  He’s more agile than anyone I personally know.  He has taken the weakness of his handicap and actually made it a strength.

Another great example is Superfoot.  Bill Wallace had an injured right knee and was only able to throw kicks from the left leg.  Instead of calling it quits on his fighting career, he put all his efforts into training his one good leg.  He trained his left leg to such a level that he earned the nickname “Superfoot.”  THAT’S when you know you’ve accomplished something big.

So what lessons can you learn from these examples about dealing with supposed weaknesses?  You got a few options to choose from…

Identify the weakness and work on building it up

This is the most straightforward and blunt approach to the problem.  You make a D- in math?  You need to study more.  If you’re evaluating yourself with the Training Pyramid and the T-Diagram, you’ll have a pretty good idea of where your weak points are.

Forgo the weakness and capitalize on strengths

Sometimes shoring up a weakness isn’t necessary or even advisable.  Why spend insane amounts of time bringing something you stink up to a level of mediocrity when you could spend your efforts on taking something you’re great at and making it unstoppable?  The rarely used ending for the “Jack of all trades” title is “Master of none.”  Don’t fall for that trap.  Being exceptional in a few things is better than mediocre in all.

Turn the weakness into a strength

Bad leg?  Just means I can focus more of my time on my good leg.

No legs?  Just means I’m more agile and people must stoop down to my level, giving me a mechanical advantage.

What’s a weakness you struggle with?

Mine’s sticking to one training program.  I admit, I’m ADD when it comes to training.  I get bored easily and begin looking for a new program.  I have come to grips with my weakness and now use it as a strength.

Instead of fighting my natural propensity to regularly switch up training, I embrace it.  I go with the flow and focus on whatever peaks my interest.  One week it might be self-defense training. Other times it’s competitive sparring.  Sometimes it’s simply all around physical conditioning without any specific martial art-oriented focus.

Because I’m regularly changing my focus and routines I’m always excited about training.  It’s always new.  My body doesn’t adapt as readily so there’s less plateaus.

I’m here to tell you success and failure are irrelevant.  What IS relevant are opportunities.  With each success or failure, we are presented with a new opportunity.  If you succeeded, great!  Take that success and build upon it.  If you failed, great!  It’s not the end of the world.  Learn from your shortcomings and adjust.

Have a great weekend guys and gals.

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2 thoughts on “No More Weaknesses

  1. “I’m hear to tell you success and failure are irrelevant. What IS relevant are opportunities. With each success or failure, we are presented with a new opportunity.” LOVE IT.

    ( great lines too bad there is a typo in it == )

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