How to Deconstruct Your Techniques

flowWhat separates the advanced practitioner from the novice student is superior technique.

What separates the timeless masters from the same advanced practitioner is effortless flow.

What is flow and how it ties into your technique is the topic for today.  By the end of this article you will understand not only why you need to reevaluate your training to center around flow, but how to do so and when to make said transition.

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6 Essential Mindsets for Becoming a Winner

Guest post written by Michael Akinlabi from

What separates successful people from unsuccessful people?

Is it their networking skills? Is it because they have an increased appetite for risk? Is it because they have a particular set of habits? Or, is it because they are smart?

Although some of the above may play a big role in helping successful people achieve their dreams, they are still not what separate them others.

Successful people have the right mindset. That’s why they are winners.

So what are those mindsets that can help you become a winner in whatever you do and wherever you find yourself?

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4 Beginner Tricks For Losing Weight Fast

weight loss

This isn’t an article describing the perfect diet for everyone (because there’s no such thing).  This also isn’t an article telling you how to get ripped in two weeks.  Rather, this article lists some small, easy changes that people typically overlook.  Yes, you will lose weight.  Yes, you will get in better shape.  No, you won’t be ready to enter the ring just by employing these tips.  Let’s begin.

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How To Short-Circuit Stress

stressI generally avoid the term “hacks” when referring to tips on improving yourself, and this topic is no different.  This is, however, probably the closest I will ever get to a hack on this website (I feel dirty just saying that).

Life today is a non-stop slew of obligations, responsibilities, and tasks.  Without proper planning and task management, it is incredibly easy to become overwhelmed.  The purpose of this post (or this website) is not to go into organizing your life.  Rather, this is one simple trick I have inadvertently discovered to keep my stress levels under control in even the most trying of circumstances. Continue reading